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Self-Propelled Extended-Reach Boom Lift



31011 Self-Propelled Extended-Reach Boom Lift

Swiveling Hoist Ring, Folding Boom, Manual Lateral Shuttle, Powered Drive Wheel


200 lb. [91 kg] Roller Dies


A specialty film manufacturer needed to install roller dies on an embossing machine. The reach to the die station was over 52”, and the machine provided no clearance underneath for forward-protruding lift legs. This lift uses a long boom to position the dies at the station, and the boom can be folded down for storage. The lift’s legs are short and countermass is used for stability. A lateral shuttle was added to assist with positioning. Due to the total weight of the system, a powered drive wheel was included for easy, walk-behind operation, eliminating high push forces and associated ergonomic concerns.