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Ergonomic Tube and Cylinder Lifter with Straps



Portable Ergonomic Tube and Cylinder Lifter with Straps

Boom with Swiveling Cross-Bar, Adjustable Straps with Buckles


100 lb [45 kg] Fiber Reinforced Tubes


Machining equipment such as lathes, grinders, and mills are crucial to many manufacturing processes, but loading raw material can present an ergonomic challenge.  This unit utilizes a cantilevered boom with a crossbar and straps to pick fiber reinforced tubes from a pallet and load grinder mandrels safely and with minimal operator effort.  Because the crossbar is mounted on a swiveling connection, the tubes can be repositioned for operations on either end.  As with all   Alum-a-Lifts, a tip-over calculation is performed to ensure the unit will remain safe and stable when carrying a full load extended beyond its footprint.