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Silicon Crystal Ingot Clamp and Rotate Lifter



Silicon Crystal Ingot Clamp and Rotate Lifter

Dual Powered Clamp with Individual Clamp Force Logic, High Temperature Clamp Pads, Powered Trunion, Powered Lateral Shuttle, Traveling Limit Switch, Dual-Axis Inclinometer with Display, Steerable Powered Drive wheel with Fold-Up Handle


772 lb [350 kg] Silicon Crystal Ingots


Silicon wafer manufacturing starts with the production of pure silicon crystal ingots. These ingots are grown in furnace with a narrow draw tower to control the rate of cooling. This lift was designed to handle ø350mm crystals at 170°C and rotate them onto an inspection cart. During the growing process the ingot is supported by a small seed of silicon and requires precise vertical alignment of the clamps, therefore the dual-axis inclinometer was included.