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Self-Propelled Cleanroom Lift with Dual Booms



Custom Ergonomic Self-Propelled Cleanroom Lift with Dual Booms

Dual Booms w/ Hoist Rings, Manual Lateral Shuttle, Spring Overload Safety Device, Powered Drive Wheel, Quick Exchange Batteries, Removable Spreader Bar


700 lb [318 kg] Electronic Components


A large electronics manufacturer needed a lift to remove long, heavy components from one of their machines. Configured for use in a Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom, this Alum-a-Lift features dual booms with load-rated hoist rings. A lateral shuttle module allows operators to make fine side-to-side adjustments at the machine in order to ensure steady, consistent lifting of the expensive components. A removable spreader bar is included for handling lighter components that are much longer in length.