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Dual-Axis Rotating Tool and Die Lift and Positioner



30119 Portable Ergonomic Die Lift and Positioner

Dual Docking Features, Hook-and-Loop Safety Straps, Vertical-axis Rotation with Discrete Locking Points, Self-locking Horizontal-axis Rotation with Brake


Dies weighing up to 120 lbs. [54 kg]


Large press brakes used in manufacturing often utilize a variety of die shapes and sizes. The dies typically come in top-and-bottom pairs and are frequently too heavy to be interchanged manually. This lift allows dies to be slid into a tool holder, rotated to the correct orientation, and lifted into position. A T-slot retains upper dies featuring safety tangs, and straps secure lower dies having standard tangs. Docking features on the end-effector and press brakes ensure proper alignment and allow the operators to safely load the dies into the machine.