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Heavy Duty Lift and Turn Roll and Spool Handler



Heavy Duty Lift and Turn Roll Handling Equipment and Spool Core Gripper

Power Drive Wheel, Powered Lateral Shuttle, Powered 10” Core Gripper, Powered Rotator


1000lb (454kg) Rolls


Companies utilizing flexible and woven materials often slit very large rolls into smaller sizes as a final product, or to send the materials off to a secondary process. This lift was created to pick the large rolls standing on a pallet and rotate them to the horizontal for the slitter machine’s cantilevered shaft. The expanding tip’s toothed gripper plates easily grasp the cardboard core with a repeatable force for a safe, secure hold during the lifting and rotation process. The lift utilizes a powered lateral shuttle to aid in positioning the gripper into the core, and placing the rolls at their final destination.