Featured Alum-a-Lift

Custom High-Precision Pallet Stacker



Custom High-Precision Pallet Stacker

Self Propelled Drive Unit, Linear Rails, Adjustable Width Heavy Duty Forks, Powered Lateral Shuttle


1200 lb [545 kg] V-Trough Pallet w/ Roll


Alum-a-Lift is the best choice where traditional walkie stackers or walk-behind forklifts fall short. The lift’s ball screw drive and lightweight aluminum construction offers superior safety, precision, and ergonomics. This lift picks 1200lb palletized rolls and loads them directly onto process equipment, then stacks the plastic cradle pallets for re-use. The lift’s adjustable fork spacing and powered lateral shuttle make alignment easy. The system’s compact footprint and smooth, controllable powered drive system allow it to be used in places off-the-shelf solutions would not fit.