Featured Alum-a-Lift

Large Diameter Roll Handling Clamp Lift



Ergonomic Roll Handling Lifting Equipment with Powered Clamp for Large Rolls

Powered Clamp, Powered Rotating Wrists, Powered Drive Steering, Safety Strobe Lights, Horn


400 lb [182 kg] Paper and Plastic Rolls


Using larger diameter rolls is often a great way to minimize machine downtime, however handling these rolls can become an issue when they weigh hundreds of pounds. This lift is designed to move these rolls from the docks to staging to the machine with a single piece of equipment. The lift’s rotating wrist allows users to pick up and place rolls in a variety of situations and even switch payoff direction. Its powered drive wheel allows effortless travel in areas not suitable for a forklift with precision far better than a powered pallet jack or walkie stacker.