Featured Alum-a-Lift

In-Circuit Test Fixture Lift with Folding Arms



In-Circuit Test Fixture Portable Ergonomic Lift with Folding Arms

Folding Adjustable Fork Set, Overload Sensing


500 lb [226 kg] In-circuit Test (ICT) Fixtures


PCB test fixtures for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) can be heavy and expensive. Alum-a-Lift offers a complete line of fixture lifters, eliminating the risk of injury to personnel or damage to equipment. Solutions exist for all fixture sizes and for testers with both flat and angled interfaces. This featured lift loads testers with the head in a “flat” orientation. Compatibility with the popular Keysight (Agilent/HP) i3070 series of testers and our industry standard “Alum-a-Grip” fixture handle geometry is included on all units. Overload and obstacle encounter detection is also available to further protect fixtures and the test interface.