Featured Alum-a-Lift

Cleanroom Crane and Platform Lift



Portable Cleanroom Crane and Platform Lift

Interchangeable Boom / Platform, Tool-less Exchange, Semiconductor S2 and ISO 5 (Class 100) Clean Room Compliant, Seismic Tie-Downs


100 kg [220 lb] Pumps and 80 kg [175 kg] Fixtures


This specialized Alum-a-Lift features interchangeable end-effectors to service multiple components in a semiconductor cleanroom process tool. The lift uses a cantilevered boom with a custom lifting hook to lift pumps positioned high in the enclosure. When the lift’s low friction plastic platform is installed, it can be used to remove electromechanical fixtures. This lift’s base and leg assembly features tie downs for storage at facilities where seismic activity is a consideration.