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Quartz Tube Handling Precision Clamp System



Quartz Tube Handling Portable Ergonomic Lift with Precision Clamp System

Powered Precision Clamp, Manual Rotation Module, Powered Front-to-Back Knuckle, Spring Overload Safety Device, Clamp Force Limiter, Safe-to-Lift Indicator Light


100 lb [45 kg] Quartz Tubes


In the preparation of silicon wafers for semiconductor manufacturing, quartz tubes are commonly used as reaction vessels. This Alum-a-Lift allows operators to unload quartz tubes from a box on the floor and place them in carts for staging. The clamp can reach down inside the box, securely grip the tube, lift and rotate out of the box, and place vertically on a cart. Precision bearings, wide clamp pads, and multiple safety features give operators confidence when handling the fragile tubes.