Featured Alum-a-Lift

Self Propelled Roll Rotator with Powered Clamping



Ergonomic Self Propelled Roll Rotator Lifter with Powered Clamping

Large Diameter Powered Clamp, Powered Trunion, High Capacity Linear Bearings, Steerable Powered Drive Wheel with Forward/Reverse Melody Alert


441 lb [200 kg] Rolls


This Alum-a-Lift is configured to remove large rolls from an unwinder and place them on either a slitting machine or on a pallet for shipment. The lifter’s rubber lined clamp pads can grip both full and partial rolls. An adjustable force regulation switch, once dialed in, ensures consistent repeatable clamp force and includes an indicator light for operator feedback. The unit’s powered drive wheel make it a compact, user friendly option for situations where a forklift would be considered too large or imprecise.