Featured Alum-a-Lift

Cleanroom Lifter with Boom and Hoist Ring



Portable Ergonomic Cleanroom Lifter with Boom and Hoist Ring

Indexable Height Boom, Load Rated Hoist Ring, Cleanroom Class 100, SEMI S2/S8


50 lb [22.6 kg] Chamber Lids


In the tight space of a cleanroom environment, lifting equipment can be difficult to maneuver. This simple Alum-a-Lift offers function and versatility beyond what would be expected given its small footprint. Its lifting boom and load-rated hoist ring is able to reach over areas with no leg clearance. It can be installed in one of three height positions position, achieving greater than 8’ [2.4 m] of vertical lifting range, while still fitting through a standard doorway. The boom arm can also be turned around and hung vertically to save floorspace in storage.