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Cleanroom Lift with Swiveling Hoist Ring



Portable Ergonomic Cleanroom Lifting Device with Swiveling Hoist Ring

Anodized Boom, Swiveling Hoist Ring, Low-Profile legs, Class 1000 Cleanroom Compliance


150 lb [68 kg] subassemblies and components


Floorspace in a clean room often comes at a premium. This lightweight, compact lift was configured to be a perfect match with its load and environment. Designed to transport electromechanical subassemblies between work areas, this lift includes special low profiles legs that fit in existing clearance underneath work tables and process equipment. Its narrow frame allows the system to pass through doorways and tight aisles. Interacting with the load is a cantilevered boom arm which can interact with existing equipment as well as Alum-a-Lift-supplied custom lifting fixtures.