Featured Alum-a-Lift

Semiconductor Workstation and Positioner



Portable Ergonomic Semiconductor Material Handling Workstation and Positioner

Bolt-on adaptor blocks, fixed fork set, super-duty rotation module, class 1000 cleanroom compatibility


1000 lb [450 kg] Assemblies


A semiconductor fabricator needed a mobile workstation to securely hold their equipment during assembly in their clean room. Specially shaped adaptor blocks were designed to bolt to the sides of the equipment’s frame while providing clearance for technicians to add components. A rotation module allows 360-degree rotation for ergonomic access to all sides of the assembly. This lift features a wide base which allows it to seamlessly interface with another lift and two carts, also made by Alum-a-Lift. This complete system eliminates risky handling, increasing safety for operators and equipment.