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Lightweight Data Center Lift for Server Racking



Lightweight Ergonomic Data Center Lift for Server Racking

Low Friction ESD Plastic Platform with Small Part Pockets


200 lb [90 kg] Servers and Rack Mount Components


Because a lifting device should not introduce its own ergonomic concerns, this easy-rolling data center lift is the lightest-in-class including electric lifting and “buy-it-once” durability. An Alum-a-Lift server handling lift is ideal for high-frequency usage, including in-aisle server upgrades. The lift’s low friction platform includes a shallow pocket to hold small components like tools, screws, zip-ties, and DIMMs.

Standard on every Alum-a-Lift is a fail-safe ball screw drive, avoiding the dangerous or messy failure modes of belts, cables, and hydraulics. Options include high-speed lifting and a quick exchange battery system with off-line charging, for zero-downtime usage. Self-propelled systems are also available for heavier components, including load capacities in excess of 1000 lbs.