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Explosion Proof ATEX - EX Funnel Installation Lift



Explosion Proof ATEX - EX Funnel Installation Lift

Notched fork set with guides, low profile base and full pneumatic operation


110 lb [50 kg] stainless steel funnels


This lift is used to install stainless steel funnels onto a mixer in an ATEX Zone 21, Category 2 hazardous environment. Its intrinsically safe pneumatic lifting drive uses a factory compressed air supply instead of the typical electrical system to eliminate the risk of ignition. The non-sparking aluminum lift chassis and base is optimal for ATEX environments with stainless steel construction being an available alternative. Alum-a-Lift features such as the clean efficient ball screw and fail-safe brake are maintained. For environments with a less rigorous designation, the same lift can be configured with a sealed version of our standard electrical system.