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Alum-a-Lifts are built primarily from 6061-T6 aluminum and are lightweight, durable, and highly mobile lifting devices. Lifting capacities range from 50 to 8000 pounds (20 to 3600 kg). All Alum-a-Lifts share essential design elements, but these ergonomic lifting devices are produced to solve a specific material handling requirement.

Alum-a-Lift is proud to announce our newest offering!  Alum-a-Lift custom lifting equipment is now available in Full Stainless Steel Construction for use in sanitary washdown and hazardous environments.  Click to learn more!

Unique among light-weight lift assist devices, Alum-a-Lift’s dual mast structure features a widely spaced load carrying structure, tolerant of real-world off-center loading. Bearing the load is a carriage assembly utilizing clean, plastic-lined rollers, and high-capacity cam followers (in larger units). When the application dictates, any custom lift can be equipped with high-capacity, steel linear bearings. These provide a high degree of rigidity and load capacities not found in comparable ergonomic equipment, material handling devices or ergo lift assists.

Each lift’s dimensions are driven by its customer’s requirements. Built-to order, every lift’s height and footprint is optimized for its function to eliminate manual material handling.

At the heart of an Alum-a-Lift’s drivetrain is its ball screw, driven by a 12 or 24 volt electric gear motor. Power is provided by on-board batteries, or an optional power supply for AC operation. Operating at greater than 90% efficiency, the ball screw drive allows most lifts to achieve hundreds of lifting cycles between battery charges. For extreme usage applications, a quick exchange battery system can be equipped, allowing battery changes to occur in seconds, eliminating downtime for a lifters recharging.

The same constructions found in an Alum-a-Lift’s custom ergonomic lifting device are found in its end-effector. Varied and versatile, Alum-a-Lift end-effectors range from simple platforms, booms and prongs, to complex clamps, rotators, articulated arms, and multi degree of freedom manipulators.


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An Alum-a-Lift’s ball screw drive addresses all known failure modes in material handling lifts.

The use of a ball screw prevents any risks associated with a cable or chain breaking or a hydraulic system losing pressure. Internal to each lift’s ball nut is a safety spring that will secure the load in the event the nut is damaged and the ball bearings are lost.

The lifting motor of an Alum-a-Lift features a fail-safe brake that defaults to the engaged position when current is not applied. When power to an Alum-a-Lift is lost or removed, it will always default to a safe condition.  No unintended or uncontrolled motions are possible.

For very heavy or overhead loads, an Alum-a-Lift can be equipped with the unique centrifugal fly-away safety device. In the event that a lift’s ball screw were to become decoupled from its motor, this calibrated device senses the sudden ball screw acceleration and automatically deploys its safety fingers, halting downward travel.  Every fly-away is tested and document.  Activation usually occurs in less than o.25 inches (6.4 mm).

Alum-a-Lift can be equipped with a wide range of additional safety features.  Available are EMO (e-stop)  buttons, lock-out/tag-out switches, redundant end of stroke limit switches, obstacle and overload sensors, and many more.

Alum-a-Lift’s commitment to safety and back injury prevention begins with the project proposal.  A stability calculation is available for every design. During the engineering process, finite element analysis is available to confirm safety factors based on a system’s actual worst-case loading conditions. A multi-stage stability and load test procedure is conducted and photo documented for every custom lifting device unit manufactured.


Swiveling roller deck lift for dies.

Alum-a-Lifts are inherently clean. These aluminum lifts have a corrosion-resistant chassis and an all-electric drive train. Hydraulic fluid leaks, rust, particle generation, and contamination are not a concern.

Alum-a-Lift is an expert in clean room requirements and clean room lifting equipment. With over 25 years’ experience,  clean room compliant constructions are available for any lifts, up to FED STD Class 10 (ISO 4). Even the most basic lifts are suitable for a Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room.

Stainless steel construction, polyurethane “bellows” ball screw enclosures, and IP65 hose-down/wash-down constructions are available.


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Ergonomic considerations are made for every aspect of an Alum-a-Lift’s ergonomic lifting equipment designs.

Repetitive cranking and pedal/pump operations are seldom ergonomically correct, so lifting is made a powered function. End-effector motions are typically offered in both manual and powered configurations.  Alum-a-Lift’s engineers can help identify which is most suitable for a given task.

Elevations of controls and manipulations are considered when configuring a system. A handheld pendant control is a standard feature, allowing an operator full visibility when positioning a load.

Push handles are oriented at a natural angle and positioned at elevations reachable by the 2nd-percentile shortest female and the 98th percentile tallest male human. The amount of force necessary to move a lift is considered, with high capacity casters or a steerable, powered drive wheel being recommended when appropriate.

Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or for more information.

Looking for your lifting application?  Alum-a-Lift ergonomic material handling equipment is built-to-order and customized for its specific task!  Please visit our Industry Gallery for sample photos and inspiration.

What is an Alum-a-Lift?

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