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Alum-a-Lift is the global leader in providing material handling solutions for the semiconductor industry. We are experts in clean room requirements and the forerunner in providing cleanroom compatible lifting systems.

As semiconductor wafers grow to maximize yield, the resulting process tool components become heavy, making maintenance and service much harder and time consuming.  A handling device, such as Alum-a-Lift, can easily pay for itself by servicing tools in a quick and ergonomic manner, thus reducing down time and eliminating risk of injury.

Alum-a-Lift understands that some of the applications have their own geometric challenges and an off-the-shelf system may not be suitable. Narrow aisle ways and tight constraints are expected, often resulting in the need for counterbalanced lifts or lifts with small footprints.  For more complicated applications, where an extended reach is required and the resulting clean room hoist is heavy, a powered drive lift can be offered.  These handling systems are often supplied with booms or articulated arms which can be multi-purpose and replace incompatible jib cranes or gantry hoists.

Having over 25 years’ experience in designing portable clean room lifts, Alum-a-Lift specializes in providing tailored solutions that are designed to minimize particulate emissions.  Any lift system can be configured for clean room compliance.  Even the most basic battery powered lift utilizes a clean, electric, ball screw drive suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean room use.  Based on the application requirements, Alum-a-Lifts can be easily configured for use in clean rooms rated to FED STD Class 10 (ISO 4).

Lifts can be offered for addressing one specific application or perhaps a multi-purpose material handling product is preferred.  The patented Semi-Lift can be found world-wide in wafer fabs owned by every major semiconductor manufacturer. This multi-purpose cleanroom lift is designed specifically for servicing a wide range of semiconductor applications.  As a result, it is configured to provide a versatile and robust lifting system while maintaining a minimized footprint for small aisles.  The lift can fit through doorways but has a telescoping mast for reaching components mounted high within a process tool.  Small component specific end-effectors can be attached to the end of an articulated arm, which allows for quick and easy configuration.  The lift features a powered drive for navigating through the cleanroom and Alum-a-Lift’s own cleanroom casters allow the lift to effectively move over waffle or perforated floor tiles.  Over 150 different solutions have been developed for use with the Semi-Lift for servicing components within the process tools of all the major tool manufacturers.

An Alum-a-Lift can be utilized throughout the semiconductor industry, from raw material and ingot handling to die cutting, testing, sort and packaging.  Past projects include developing lifts for supporting wafer slicing, diffusion furnaces, lapping, polishing, CMP, PVD, lithography, etch, and ion implanting.  Common components handled include ingots, crucibles, quartzware, heating elements, turbo pumps, cryo pumps, roughing pumps, gate valves, power supplies, targets, foups, and robots.

Past clean room projects include: dynamic fixturing for handling optics through manufacture and test, multiple degree-of-freedom manipulators and articulating arms for precise positioning and installation of specialized electronic assemblies, clamping systems for raising and rotating large cylindrical chambers, permanent installations for removing centrifuge lids, articulated arms to support optical testing, and many more. Roller decks, clamps, booms, fork sets, or other simple end-effectors can be useful to load bins, baskets, totes, and trays into environmental chambers, anechoic chambers, vibe stations, thermal chambers and ovens.

Cleanroom lifts manufactured by Alum-a-lift are in daily use worldwide in more than 20 countries. Lifts can be constructed that are CE compliant or certified to other required standards, such as SEMI S2 or SEMI S8. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) concerns are understood and can always be addressed along with any other application specific requirements.

Factory trained representatives are available to assist you in gathering the necessary information so a lift and end-effector can be configured for your unique lifting requirement and to provide local support and operator training.

Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or request more information.