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Alum-a-Lifts are used to solve specific real-world material handling challenges.  Following are an assortment of Featured Lifts.

Check back as these are updated often!

30080 Power Module Lifter with Custom Fixture

29802 In-Circuit Test Fixture Lift with Folding Arms

29650 Cassette Gripper for Additive Manufacturing

29570 VFFS Forming Tube Lifter with Pivoting Fork Set

29433 Stainless Steel Washdown Roll Clamping Lift

29051 Pharmaceutical Hopper Lift with Offset Base

29391 Roll Handling Lift with Low Profile Clamp Arms

29342 Self-Propelled Heavy Server and Rack Lift

29287 Pharmaceutical Hopper Installation Lift

29215 Platform Lift with Dual Stage Telescoping Mast

29206 Plastic Tote Lifter with Rotation for Dumping

29115 Cleanroom Lifter with Boom and Hoist Ring

29101 Cleanroom Lift with Swiveling Hoist Ring

28768 Automotive Fuel Cell Handler

28717 Semiconductor Workstation and Positioner

28707 Variable Height Mobile Workstation

28646 Die Handling Powered Pusher Puller

28645 Silicon Ingot Vacuum Lift With Safety Straps

28599 Stainless Steel Drum Lifter for Sanitary Wash Down

28446 Lightweight Data Center Lift for Server Racking

28443 Pharmaceutical Basket Loader

28435 Clean Room Optic Lens Lifter and Manipulator

28421 Investment Casting Wax Tree Positioner

28333 Nonwoven Roll Lifter with Powered Ejector

28285 Automotive Wind Tunnel Model Rotator

28163 Rotating Reel Gripper With Multi-Tier Storage Cart

28115 Mobile Height-Adjustable Workstation with Fork Set

28078 Aircraft Engine Inlet Manipulator

28065 Mold Handling System With Articulating Gripper

27777 Roll Handling Lift with Prong Set and Platform

27747 Stainless Steel Filter Housing Lift and Cart

27746 Aircraft Exhaust Nozzle Manipulator

27734 Combination Roll and Die Lift for Web Converting

27725 Multifunction Lift with Tooling Changeout Cart

27503 Additive Manufacturing Process Support Lift

27478 Explosion Proof ATEX – EX Funnel Installation Lift

27645 Large Roll Handler with Embedded Weigh Scale

27527 Aircraft Engine Shaft Heat Treat Oven Loader

27488 Fabric and Textile Roll Handling Lift

27474 In-Circuit Test Fixture Lift with Rotation for Service

27448 Clean Room Robot Extractor

27408 Multi-Degree of Freedom Electronics Loader

27406 Class 100 Cleanroom Test Head Loader

27380 Roll Handling Lift with Core Engagement

27342 Quartz Glass Rotator for Diffusion Furnaces

27322 Powered Roll Pusher with Integrated Docking Tip

27269 Rack-Mount Server Installation System

27212 Horizontal Roll Lift for Carbon Fiber Prepreg

27092 Pharmaceutical Rack and Basket Handling Arm

27089 Die Lift and Extractor for Cookie Filling Machine

26679 Clean Room Optic Gripper and Positioner

26454 Pharmaceutical Mill Jar Clamping Lift

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