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Alum-a-Lift provides computer, rack-mount, and server lifts for every major computer manufacturer and can be found in data centers throughout the world.


Alum-a-Lift supports the full range of computer manufacturing processes.

Our most nimble, light weight, compact lifts can be found in continuous-duty LEAN processes where mobility and durability are of the highest concern. Our durable dual-mast construction and optional quick-exchange battery system allow a platform lift or roller deck lift to load laptops into burn-in racks continuously. Case studies indicate average downtime for maintenance falling under two hours per year for our handling devices!

Higher capacity lifts equipped with a steerable, powered drive wheel populate racks and card cages with components in excess of 700 lbs. Our extensive library of lateral shuttles, docking features, tilt modules, and rotation modules allow for safe, repeatable loading of high value components, without resorting to automation.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) concerns are understood and can always be addressed.

Alum-a-Lift offers solutions for individual component assembly. With over 20 years’ experience, we can offer cleanroom compliant versions of any of our lifts with systems as clean as FED STD Class 10 (ISO 4.) Even our most basic clean lifts are electric, ball screw driven and suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO 7.)

Alum-a-Lift tailors systems for your specific process. An Alum-a-Lift is optimized for the equipment it will interact with and the environment is will operate in. Confined spaces, narrow aisles, overhead obstacles, raised, grated, and tiled flooring, and other challenges are identified and addressed as a standard practice. If leg clearance is unavailable, counterbalanced lifts can be provided.


Alum-a-Lift is the industry leader in handling solutions for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and In-Circuit Test (ICT.) Our patented “Alum-a-Grips” come factory installed on many test fixtures and are designed exclusively with our standard end-effectors in mind. Our ATE lifts can load fixtures weighing up to 1000 lbs. onto testers positioned in both flat and angled configurations. ATE lifts are also offered with 360 degree rotation, allows safe access to the underside of test fixtures for service.

Our Standard Overload Safety Device (SOSD) is offered on all ATE lifts and can be incorporated into any Alum-a-Lift. This module can detect when the lift is overloaded or encounters a stationary obstacle, and halt lift travel to protect itself and your equipment.


Alum-a-Lift systems can be optimized for use inside of a data center. These light-weight battery powered lifts are often configured with a low-friction plastic platform which allows for rail-mounted components to be removed and replaced with ease. As this operation may be infrequent, data center server lifts can be configured with either on-board batteries, or an AC power supply for plug-in operation.

Computer lifts and server lifts manufactured by Alum-a-lift are in daily use worldwide in over 20 countries. Custom ergonomic lifters can be constructed that are CE compliant or to other required standards. Factory trained representatives are available to assist you in gathering the necessary info so a lift and end-effector can be configured for your unique lifting requirement and to provide local support and operator training.


Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or for more information.