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Alum-a-lift has years of experience providing battery powered lifts for the gaming industry. Custom lifting devices have been constructed to lift and transport slot machines, coin changing machines and promotional display items.

Significant downtime can be reduced by the use of casino lift. With a slot machine lift, experience has shown that carpet changeovers can be accomplished with half the labor in half the time.

Slot machine lifts are also frequently used as portable workstations in the casino maintenance department. Once the slot machine is lifted and transported from the gaming floor to be serviced, a technician can elevate the slot machine to a comfortable work height, perform the necessary repairs and then return the slot machine to service minimizing handling time and worker injury.

Casino Lift Handling Systems

Alum-a-lift has developed a unique ergonomic lift system for rapid slot machine changeovers.

Comprised of a casino clamp lift and a tug with multiple transport dollies, gaming machines are clamped, lifted and placed on a transport dolly. Two machines are placed on individual dollies and with two tethered transport dollies, a tug tows the dollies to a desired location.

The casino clamp lift and the tug feature a powered drive wheel so moving slot machines is effortless. These electrical lifts are versatile and eliminate the need for forklifts.

Our custom made casino lifts are compact, lightweight and mobile. Factors such as push / pull forces are analyzed when designing the ergonomic lift assist device with the goal of minimizing overall system weight for ease of use. When push / pull forces do exceed industry standards, clean electric powered drive wheels are available.

Alum-a-lifts designs also address off-center loading conditions which is the largest contributor to failure in a lift system. Single mast systems cannot withstand side loading and will ultimately fail. Utilizing dual mast construction in standard lifts or linear rail construction to withstand heavier side loads or dynamic side loads, a rigid drive system is incorporated resulting in a much more reliable lifting device.

Every engineered lifting device and end-effector undergo rigorous factory testing simulating actual use and extensive QC inspections are performed prior to shipment. Customers are welcome to visit and perform factory acceptance testing.

Alum-a-lift’s ergonomic casino lifting equipment is in daily use worldwide in many major casinos.

Custom lifts can be constructed that are CE compliant or to other required standards. Factory trained representatives are available to assist you in gathering the necessary information so a custom ergonomic lifting device can be configured for your unique lifting requirement and to provide local support and operator training.

Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or for more information regarding our ergonomic lifting devices.