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Alum-a-Lift has a proven record of providing engineered material handling solutions to meet the unique needs of the Aircraft and Aerospace industry.

Alum-a-Lift’s custom lifting equipment is in use by every major aircraft manufacturer and can be found throughout the manufacturing process, beginning with component manufacture at the supplier level, continuing through subassembly, final assembly, and test.

Alum-a-Lift is ITAR Certified.

Component Manufacturing

Alum-a-Lifts are useful in the manufacture of every component of an aircraft.

We build clamping lifts to raise and rotate drums and buckets. We have extensive experience producing roll lifters and roll handling carts for carbon fiber prepreg, plastics and laminates. Simple boom lifts, roll inverters, roll manipulators and expanding mandrels for spools, rolls and reels.

Explosion proof lifts for drum handling are available for volatile environments.

Portable vacuum lifts  are often employed for canopies, skins, windshields, glass, or other smooth components. Vacuum lifting devices can be run from your existing compressed air supply, or with an on-board vacuum generator.

Rotation and translation about all axes are available. Electrical lifts equipped with booms, tethers, articulated arms and other fixtures are often used to handle molds, dies, fixturing, tooling, and other components used for fabrication.

Alum-a-lift designs address real-world off-center loading conditions which are the largest contributor to failure in a light-weight lift system. Single mast systems cannot withstand side loading and will ultimately fail. Utilizing dual mast construction in both single mast lifts and telescoping lifts or linear rail construction to withstand heavier side loads or dynamic side loads, a rigid drive system is incorporated resulting in a much more reliable lifting device.

Every handling system under-goes rigorous factory testing simulating actual use and extensive QC inspections are performed prior to shipment.


Alum-a-Lift understands the rigorous quality requirements in the manufacture of avionics modules, pumps, power supplies, electronics chassis, HVAC, camera turrets, and other platform-specific assemblies.

Alum-a-Lift can configure work positioners, allowing unencumbered access to all sides of a component. We can include handling devices to integrate a handling system with your existing fixturing, or provide a complete, turnkey solution for the entire manufacturing cycle. Roller decks, fork sets, or other simple end-effectors can be useful to load bins, baskets, totes, and trays into environmental chambers, anechoic chambers, vibe stations, thermal chambers and ovens.

Alum-a-Lift understands that some of these machines have their own geometric challenges, and an off-the-shelf system may not fit. An Alum-a-Lift can fit in narrow aisles and under overhead obstacles. Counterbalanced lifts are designed to reach into systems where clearance underneath may not be present for the lift’s legs.

Often a single battery powered lift can replace multiple overhead hoists or stationary balancers. Alum-a-Lift is an expert in clean room requirements and compatible lifting systems.

With over 20 years’ experience, we can offer cleanroom compliant versions of any of our lifts, set up with your application in mind, with systems as clean as FED STD Class 10 (ISO 4.) Even our most basic aerospace lifts use a clean, electric, ball screw drive suitable for Class 10,000 (ISO 7.)

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) concerns are understood and can always be addressed.

Final Assembly

Assembling and installing major subassemblies has historically been the exclusive domain of overhead hoists and stationary fixturing. No longer.

Multiple tandem lifts can be combined to form mobile, high capacity systems capable of lifting and rotating assemblies weighing thousands of pounds, greater than 50 feet in length.

A mobile, modular, Alum-a-Lift approach eliminate the safety risks inherent with a below-the-hook system. Messy hydraulics are eliminated in favor of an all-electric system. Complex PLC systems and the associated maintenance and down-time issues are eliminated. Additional benefits include lower upfront cost, greater flexibility in future process changes, and access to the full Alum-a-Lift library of custom end-effectors.

Aircraft lifts and aerospace lifts manufactured by Alum-a-lift are in daily use worldwide in over 20 countries. Lifts can be constructed that are CE compliant or to other required standards. Factory trained representatives are available to assist you in gathering the necessary information so a lift and end-effector can be configured for your unique lifting requirement and to provide local support and operator training.

Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or for more information.