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Quality and Reliability

Clamping lift for rotating silicon ingots. Fixture lift with rotating, shuttling gripper.

In any capital purchase decision, the total cost of ownership must be considered. Alum-a-Lift offers a superior value as compared to alternative material handling lifts.

Unique among light-weight lift assist devices, Alum-a-Lift’s custom lift’s dual mast structure features widely spaced load carrying structure, tolerant of real-world off-center loading. Riding in the mast is a carriage assembly and a clean, plastic-lined cam follower arrangement, also designed with forward and lateral moment loading in mind. When the application dictates, any customer ergonomic lifting device can be equipped with high-capacity steel linear bearings, providing a high degree of rigidity and load capacities not found in comparable lifting equipment. These design aspects contribute to the most durable light-weight ergo lifting equipment on the market.

Derived from spare parts sales, the average age of Alum-a-lifts in use is greater than 10 years.  Routinely encountered are lifting devices that are 20 + years old and still in active service.

Because Alum-a-Lifts last so long, they often outlive their original intended use. Modular construction allows a lifter to be adapted to new or changed application conditions. Factory refurbishment service is available and is reasonably priced.

Alum-a-Lift’s material handling devices feature superior ease of maintenance. Adhering to Alum-a-lift’s preventative maintenance schedule, total time spent annually is less than 2 hours. Because of Alum-a-lift’s construction, time necessary to access critical components (motor, ballscrew, ball nut, limit switches, and battery) is minimal. As a result, downtime for maintenance or service is minimized.

Alum-a-lift maintains inventory of components used and recommended spares. Reasonably priced replacements are kept in stock, ready to ship.


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Alum-a-Lift maintains a global network of factory trained representatives. Responsible not only for sales, a representative can generally be on-site in short notice to support troubleshooting, diagnosis, and maintenance. Additionally, Alum-a-Lift’s representatives are available to assist gathering critical dimensions so the optimal ergonomic lifting device and end-effecter can be provided.

The original owners of an Alum-a-Lift enjoy direct access to project engineers and technicians for the life of the ergonomic equipment. The support provided allows many adjustments and maintenance items to be performed immediately, with your existing personnel. Modifications to meet evolving material handling requirements are facilitated.

On-site training,  factory refurbishment, and repair services are offered for every system.


Reference Number 23479

Alum-a-Lift complies with every known industry and region-specific standard for custom lifting devices. Anthropometry, human factors, user-friendliness, and worker safety for back injury prevention are incorporated into Alum-a-lift designs. As relevant requirements can vary, conformity to specific standards are determined on a per-application basis.

Self-certification and safety testing is performed and documented at 100% test rate. Third party inspections and certifications are available.

 Please contact Alum-a-Lift by phone or submit an application on-line to discuss your application or for more information.

Looking for your lifting application?  Alum-a-Lift ergonomic material handling equipment is built-to-order and customized for its specific task!  Please visit our Industry Gallery for sample photos and inspiration.

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